[Solved] Sync stopped working, not start anymore

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Today I have see that the Sync application (2.3.3) from my synology (2413+) don't start anymore. Try many time to relauch it but without succes... I have 2 other NAS and no problem with them. I have updated today to 2.3.4 but the problem remain.

I put in zip the last files found from var and bin, no found dump files.

Hope to find a solution :(



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... hum...

After check the process list I see that the process is still there (the application is off on the package list interface)... I decide to reboot the synology (long process in my case because scsi volume are mount on my server).

After the reboot all is working again.

Thread closed.

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I have had my synology for about a week and started using BTS almost right away. It worked well and then all of a sudden today it seems to have started "crashing" or something. If I click on the app I just get an error web page. I restarted the synology and it came back .... and then after a bunch of hours it stopped again.

The end of sync.log is:

[20160323 16:58:43.152] JOURNAL[6E84]: got file from remote: "Downloads/list.plist" state: 2 type: file total:1 have:0 size:832 t:1458766308 mt:1458766291 ot:25422 o:10FAE84BD1C6B290DC1BA005C16E40960FE283A4 h:3CDC62A520BFF42A58592526C360359B03AECA8A

[20160323 16:58:43.152] Update have pieces for file "/volume1/Plex/Library/Music Folder/Downloads/list.plist", was: 0, now: 0

[20160323 16:58:43.166] SF[6E84] [83A4]: State sync finished

[20160323 16:58:43.166] SyncReq[0x00007fc5280115e0][0000] [0000]: cancel 280115E0 - incoming merge

[20160323 16:58:43.167] SyncReq[0x00007fc5280115e0][0000] [0000]: destroing 280115E0 cbcnt:6 - incoming merge


Can anybody make a suggestion on how to get it restarted?


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@fillmoreeast As there is no graceful shut down at the end of log, it looks like Sync has crashed. I suggest logging it to your NAS via SSH and checking /volume1/ for "@btsync.core" files (which are core dumps). It could also be in /usr/local/bittorrentsync/bin/btsync or /usr/local/bittorrentsync/var

Send us dump for analysis and we'll know more about crash reason. BTW, which version of Sync do you use?

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