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Might be a stupid question, but I want to managed my RPI (which is external site) via Internet. I know how to open a port it's not that the problem. My question is: enough safe to open 8888 to Resilio Sync over Web?



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Generally speaking: it depends. There are a couple of factors that are involved. Somebody could bruteforce his was into your machine for example. So you have to make sure the passwords you use are good (use 1Password). It is always smart to use something like fail2ban for stuff like that.

So there are multiple options now.

  • You can configure sync to listen on so it is accessible from the internet
  • You can set it to so it is only accessible locally and what you would do is you SSH into your Raspberry Pi and then tunnel that port to your local machine so you can open your browser and enter (this is an example) localhost:8888 and you are on the Raspberry Pis WebGUI for Sync tunneled through your SSH session (this option is what I would prefer over any other)
  • Or you can setup a VPN connection to your Raspberry Pi and manage it that way

You can find out about Tunneling through SSH if you just look around on Google.

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