Clean OS Install. How to restore account settings?


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I need to do a clean install of my Windows 10 machine. Right now I have Resilio set up with an off site peer that has about 150gb of data that I sent him. If I reinstall windows, and reinstall Resilio Sync after that, do I need to send him 150gb again? I want to keep the folder that contains 150gb synced after the clean install as well. Transferring 150gb again is not ideal, and I want to avoid that. 



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It depends on how you reinstall Windows. I'm pretty sure that you're not going to format your drives and after reinstallation of OS all your 150 Gb of files are still going to be there. 
So when reinstalling Sync you have two options: 
- do a clean install and just reconnect the folder (see this guide). 
- before reinstalling OS, backup Sync storage folder, and after OS reinstallation put it back. just make sure that all the paths - to the storage itself and sync shares - are the same as before

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Similar situation.  Needed to wipe and re-start on a mac that was to "owner" of several folders.  Before wiping I disconnected all the folders.  I may have unintentionally named my machine a slightly different name which would change the folder paths.  I am a little concerned about relinking the folders since they aren't showing in my resilio app after re-install and applying my license.  Is there a way to be sure this computer retains "owner" status on the folders once I reconnect the folder? 

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