QNAP TS-431 Crashes/Freezes when running Resilio

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Hi there. I have a QNAP TS-431 with 4x6TB Red drives. I have another array that is directly attached to my working computer (Mac). I am trying to use Resilio to sync my DAS to my NAS. This is about 14TB total right now. The NAS is running QNAP OS 4.3 and I am running the Resilio app found in the QNAP app store (2.4.4).

The first thing I do is add the drive to Resilio on my Mac. Then I copy the read-only key from my mac and add it the Resilio on the NAS. When I do this, it does nothing. When I let it sit for 30mins to an hour it finally shows up on the NAS. It will register on my Mac that the peer is connected and after some indexing it will start to sync/send. It only sends at 1-2MB/s, but it does start. A few hours later it will stop and then it will show 0 Peers online. I try to log into the NAS and it won't connect. So I have to hard reset the NAS because it has locked up/become inaccessible.  

I have stopped pretty much every app/service on the NAS so resilio has the majority of the system ram and resources, but it's always the same situation.

I was previously using Carbon Copy Cloner to simply clone my DAS to the NAS via simple smb network share/mount. So I already have most of the data on the NAS, but it refuses to sync.

Any ideas? What other info would be helpful here? Thanks

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4 hours ago, Helen said:

RAM? watch the RAM of the NAS. How much do you have and how much is being used/swapped

The TS-431 has 1Gb of ram (not upgradeable). I have shut down pretty much every service on the NAS so that resilio has more resources available to it. There is currently 130-150Mb being used on the NAS.

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1 Gb of Ram is pretty little for 14 Tb of data. Somewhere on forum RAM requirements have been widely discussed. Count around 1.5 -2 Kb of RAM per file. 

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