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Hello, RSync developers!


My device network: Two main servers on fat pipes, a desktop, a laptop and a phone.

Situation: The phone might be on a slow and metered connection while sending files (photos I just took) for backup. Or I'm travelling, I just moved my DSLR camera pictures to the laptop, and I want to back them up. Again, on a slow and metered connection.

Problem: The stuff I want to back up might be 1GB in size, but I'm actually sending a lot more than 1GB to the two main servers. This wastes my limited on-the-go connection.

Solution: A "Super seeding" setting that prevents a peer from sending a piece of data that is already on a non-super seeding peer. I'd have this setting activated on my laptop and phone, while the two servers (and desktop) can waste as much bandwidth as they please.


Could something like this be implemented?

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My use case is similar (if not the same), but I'd to phrase it in a different way. I want to be able to disable seeding of a specific folder on a device that has a connection which is either slow or expensive. It would be even better if this could be a default setting when sharing a folder from a super node.


This sort of goes against the idea of distributed shahring that Resilio Sync/Torrents are, but I often want the robustness and reliability of a Resilio Sync transfer in a centralised sharing environment.


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