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  1. I have a file server with resilio sync. I don't use any relay or tracker servers, instead I enter the server's IP:port as a predefined host for all of my shares (or actually it's set as the default setting for every new share). Everything works fine, but I just noticed that the server's firewall is blocking a lot of traffic coming from the IPs where my clients are. It's coming in to a port that I haven't set up anywhere, the port seems to change every now and then (but stay constant for some period of time, same port from all clients), and they are coming in about once every 2-5 seconds. It all stops when I stop the resilio sync service in the clients. What is this traffic? What data is getting lost because these aren't getting through?
  2. When copying large files into a synced folder, for a moment Sync will complain that the file is locked. After a while it apparently indexes it, but sometimes it will never sync until I move it out of the folder and back again (on the same drive, so the moving is instant, no locking errors). The other computer gives a warning, "Cannot download x files" where x is some number. It manages to list the files and everything, but there's no way to actually retrieve them. Restarting either Sync or either computer does nothing. Only removing and re-introducing the file(s) again helps. Just now I updated to the latest version while having the warning, but it's still there. Both computers are running Windows Server 2016, latest version of Sync (problem has persisted for a long time, don't remember when it started happening).
  3. I have kind of the same problem. Though I don't have to restart the phone, only force close the app and restart it. But it already has camera permissions. When you say "have to open the app", do you mean them same thing I have to do, to force a restart of the app? Something really freezes inside the app, as the app's own Exit button in the menu does nothing. Or, it starts to close, but it never finishes, hence the force close.
  4. Been wondering the same, but forgot to ask here. This solves the problem, but it appears that every new version of RS adds a new one. Why?
  5. What, so you're telling me that if I shut down my computer or restart the sync service, the service will randomly quit improperly and lose all its data? What kind of design is that? How do I even ensure that it quits properly? There was nothing wrong with the storage folder. While it was asking me for a new identity, I went there to take a look. There was for example a "1kB" (might be smaller) sync.dat, and a 33kB sync.dat.old. I'm guessing the *.old files contained the old identity and data. I planned to shut down the service without creating a new identity, rename the *.old files, and start the service again. Unfortunately, shutting down the service overwrote the *.old files, didn't think of backing it up first. But obviously RSync did have access to that folder.
  6. I just restarted the sync service, and when it started and I refreshed the webpage, it asks for a new identity. This is now the third time and the second computer on which it happens, previously it has happened when I restarted Windows. Can it be resolved in another way than to create the identity, re-link the device, and re-sync TB's of data?
  7. Hello, RSync developers! My device network: Two main servers on fat pipes, a desktop, a laptop and a phone. Situation: The phone might be on a slow and metered connection while sending files (photos I just took) for backup. Or I'm travelling, I just moved my DSLR camera pictures to the laptop, and I want to back them up. Again, on a slow and metered connection. Problem: The stuff I want to back up might be 1GB in size, but I'm actually sending a lot more than 1GB to the two main servers. This wastes my limited on-the-go connection. Solution: A "Super seeding" setting that prevents a peer from sending a piece of data that is already on a non-super seeding peer. I'd have this setting activated on my laptop and phone, while the two servers (and desktop) can waste as much bandwidth as they please. Could something like this be implemented?