QNAP sees new files but doesn't store them?

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I have the problem that my NAS sees new files i create in the sync folder on my macbook. I can see in the web gui that it recognized the new files but when I look into the synced folder on my nas there is no file.

Also on the macbook the file turns green, telling me it's uploaded. But once I delete it and try to resync it it says that the peer has to be online to recieve the file.
The peer (NAS) is online - I see it on the desktop app ..

It all used to work flawlessly - this is happening since I moved to a new apartment. I was guessing that maybe the listen port of the nas & macbook weren't correctly set on my router but they are ..  Hope somebody can help.

I have all the latest version of Resilio installed on my devices and I'm using Home Pro.

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@PhilTone You have a folder on the NAS with selective sync option enabled. As there is no integration with OS you can observe placeholders in Sync WebUI only. To get them synced simply download them manually or disable selective sync option. 

To get file from the remote node you need at least 2 peers online and of course once of them have to have files with real size otherwise you are were not be able to download it from the remote peer that also has placeholders.

If you peers do not see each other please do pay attention on that web page->https://help.resilio.com/hc/en-us/articles/205450205-Peers-aren-t-connecting

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