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Hello everybody,

Before buying or considering u`r application i would like to get some answers to see if it is for me.

Let me first tell u my environment ,I`m willing to sync from:

1.HPe Gen8 microserver/OpenMediaVault(Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie),openmediavault Release: 3.0.95 Codename: Erasmus)


2. Synology DS215j DSM 6.1.5-15254

Both of them are connected to the same router.


1.Shall this work between these two`s Nas`es(DS215j is supported)?

1a. Is it possible to sync from laptop as a correspodent/mediator between 2 Nas`s - which is in fact far more simply for someone who's not an IT tech?

2.Is decrypting an option (on/off) ?

3.Is there an option to "remap" the files on both nas`s or just to begin from beginning?

3a.And on the and the far most important question: is it possible to continue the sync if  one of the Nas`s(in my case would be DS215j) have been OFF (electrical grid)?

Wat is aftermath of it?

The point of the Sync is to copy 1:1 on rarely basis.But on Nas(1)Omv does occur from time to time add new media files or deleting of old one`s. 


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Just install it and test it yourself, it's free and easy to install and to remove. 

1. If Resilio is available for both NAS, then it will work. 

1a. I don't understand what you mean. A laptop can sync with both NAS, and both NAS can sync with the laptop even if one NAS is off. 

2. What shall be decrypted? Do you mean an encrypted data transfer? 

3. Yes

3a. Yes, because Resilio Sync does not need a central server. 

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1.Well that is the problem,i dont know or Omv(Openmediavault) is supported?

I have readed that "FreeNas" users can install it.

1a. Is possible to sync 2 Nas devices via laptop without connecting Nas 1&2 directly?

2.Yes u are right i ment encrypted data transfer,is it an option before syncing not to use it or it part of Sync?


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1. You can try to install it natively:
or simply use the docker image:

1a. Three options: 
i: Both NAS are not in the same LAN but connected to the internet. By default, they will connect to a tracker server, with this they find each other, build up a direct connection and sync.
ii: The same as i), just that the required ports for a direct connection across the internet are blocked by a firewall, then they will use a relay server to connect and sync again throught he relays server.
iii: You've deactivated tracker and relay servers, Sync won't be able to sync both NAS across the NAS if they are behind a firewall and have dynamic IP adresses. Once you connect your laptop to NAS1, the laptop and NAS1 will sync. Then you connect the laptop to NAS2, the changes will get synced to NAS2, in the end, if NAS2 didn't made some changes, both NAS will be in sync.


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