Illegal Characters replaced

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I habe problem with resilio sync because there are about 6000 problems with files, where "illegal characters were replaced". See the pictures below (some in english and some in german, but I think the problem will be clear)

Actually I use 2 times Windows 10 and 1 QNAP-NAS TS253A.

I would appreciate your help very much...

(The second problem is the I have a corrupted database now. I think I will be able to solve that problem, but I think I should solve the problem regarding the illegal characters first).

bsp eng1.PNG

bsp eng2.PNG

bsp eng3.PNG




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This error means that some of the files on NAS have symbols  that are not supported by file system of Windows, and thus Windows replaces these with underscore symbol. For this reason you see the files which contain ":Zone.Identifier$DATA", on Windows that will be replaced with _Zone.Identifier$DATA.

It looks like this windows syncs files which are physically located on a linux file system which is mapped to the PC?


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