Resilio and Synology

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I'm a noob when it comes to NASs. Especially when it comes to setting up resilio sync on my NAS. It seems as if I don't get the concept

I have installed the latest Resilio Sync Version on my Synology 214play with DMS 6.2. I'm using it for backing up folders from my PC to my NAS

Now I'm struggling with the syncing process which used to work fine. For example it doesn't index a newly set up folder on my NAS which I want to sync to a new laptop.

I have other folders set up with an older PC and they work just fine.


I already did some research but I'm unable to connect the dots. Maybe you can help:

- I have the admin user deactivated. It was recommended since it could be a potential security risk for the NAS

- I changed the owner of the folder to admin in the file manager. Read that somewhere. Is it really necessary?

- I have no idea how the rslsync user plays into this...

- The new laptop is set up as owner of the folder in resilio. The resilio on the NAS has write access



all the files where on the NAS and the laptop was empty.

Now I transferred the files from the NAS to the laptop manually and it seems to work now. How is that???

Also about ports: I have forwared the port from the NAS in my router. What about those listening ports in the advanced settings?

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Are there more details? like what this folder its, what exactly "doesn't index' means - you mean Sync reported zero size for this share  in UI on NAS? And only after you copied files to PC manually, Size on NAS in UI increased ? 

Any specific details would be great. With these please contact support. 

As for users: for Sync to be able to to sync files, the user who runs it must have read-write access to files. On Synology it's rslsync user. It belongs to admin group, but you have admin disabled on your NAS. you can explicitly give rslsync access to the folder. 

On 7/12/2018 at 11:12 PM, munus dei said:

I changed the owner of the folder to admin in the file manager. Read that somewhere. Is it really necessary?

people changed it cause they had Sync running as admin user. 

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It means, that it reported zero size on the NAS and therefore won't transfer the files to the laptop. Only when I copied the files to the laptop it index the folder on the laptop and the NAS and the Laptop started to "sync"

I'm already in contact with support.

As for rslsync: there is no rslsync user under the "local user". There is one though under "internal system user" (or what it's called in english). And this user has no access to any folder. And they work fine with my other PC (also they don't sync to the laptop)

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