Wd Mycloud EX2 to Synology DS918+

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Hi all

New here so please bare with me ;) 

OK so have a synology nas for all my videos, but also want it to store all the family photos and videos. 

But I have found the DS photo app from Synology is pretty pants and does not do a great job of auto uploading photos from our phones to the nas. 

I also have a WD Mycloud, and it's auto uploading photo app works great. 

What I want to do is have the WD auto sync from the photo folder over to the Synology! 

Seems simple enough, I installed the software on both nas, setup a backup folder on the Synology and then got stuck, I don't see where to configure IPS for them to talk to each other. 

All help greatly appreciated 

Cheers Alan 

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