Small Text Document Always Shows Uploading


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I'm using Windows XP SP3.

I'm using (BitTorrent) Sync 1.3.109. I believe this is the last version with XP support.

I'm syncing to many folders from the laptop to 2 devices - a tablet and a phone both running Android with both also running Resilio Sync 2.6.3. (Incidentally, 2.6.3 isn't the problem as this has been happening for months but is now irritating me).

Everything is syncing wonderfully... apart from a single file which continually shows the following:


It is a text document containing 9 lines of text and is 572 bytes in size.

The file called Magnet.txt DOES sync and any slight changes made to it are reflected on the tablet and phone, yet it never appears to finish.

If I swap it out for a blank, 0 bytes New Text Document file, it completes! If I type a single letter into the text file (i.e. A) and save, it also completes!

What could be the problem with my 9 line document. It consists of multiple:







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