These files were changed on read only share? Revert all or ignore all?

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Hi got this message.

These files were changed in read only share.  No updates of these files will be synced to this device and sync will not overwrite theme.

It then has two options: Revert all or Ignore all.

What option do I choose to overwrite I am downloading from server to my local machine and I had a few files I thought that it would just recheck and continue the download like a torrent would.

Thanks for the reply.

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Let's say, you are at a read-only shared folder, have synchronized 3 files, A, B, and C, from other peers.

Later, file A's content has been changed to A1, either by you (the user) manually changing it, or by another app, or even by system itself.

Now your read-only folder is out of sync because A1 is different from A, and, as a read-only peer, you won't be able to send update of A (i.e., A1) to other peers.

Option "revert": revert the file's content from A1 back to A, after doing this, your read-only folder will be "synced" again but you will lose your changes (A1)

Option "ignore": ignore file A1 and don't try to sync it (back to A). You keep your changes in this read-only shared folder, but it will stay "out of sync" state, and if the file A has a new version (A2) from other peers it won't be synchronized to your "out of sync" folder.

If I were in this situation, I would back up my changes (A1) and then choose "revert" to A so to keep the read-only folder synced with other peers for further changes. I would also try to avoid changing files in this folder, if I absolutely had to, I would create an ignorelist ti including the files I had to change.

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