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I love resilio sync and have (needlessly) purchased the pro version to support the efforts.  but I have one big frustrating complaint.  Why is there no utility that does automated troubleshooting??

right now, I again have a strange situation where host abc and host def do not sync.  I am guessing it is related to a recent resilio-sync update that rewrote my /lib/systemd/ user identity definitions.  (it first failed because the old pid sync lock was still rslsync owned, rather than user owned, but I have fixed this.)


I also have ssh privileges on both.  I created test files on two hosts, I am waiting, and nothing happens.  what I need is something like


$ resilio-diagnose abc:filepath def:filepath


which in sequence goes through the possible causes why abc:filepath is not in def.  it would start with "abc:filepath" does not exist, continue with def is not reachable online, continue with "abc:filepath" and "def:filepath" are not peered, continue with host directory or user permissions [which exactly?] did not allow copying from abc to def, etc etc etc, and end with "unknown problem...maybe not yet synced, wait a few minutes and try again."  and many other in-between steps.

this kind of utility should save you a lot of user support time, too, and it should not be too difficult to write given that you have written resilio-sync.

so, I now will have to write a long request to your user support with the mystery again....sigh.

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