selective delete of orphan files

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Im trying to work out something for selective sync.

say i record a large video on my laptop, and it is put straight into a selective sync'd folder.

how do i know that when i remove from the laptop (to frees pace), that there is another copy on  another synchronised device?


I feel like i have deleted a few files permanently by accident as a result of removing them locally before they have transferred across.



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The image with the selective synchronization is inconsistent between files and directories.

Basically, selected or unselected files, recognizable by the suffix ".rsls", are deleted on both sides when deleting on the selective side. This also applies to the subdirectories. Directories are only deleted if they are deleted on the side in which the selective synchronization is not active, whether they have been downloaded on the selective side or not. Or you can use the "Remove from all devices" option in the file manager, right mouse click.

Functionally, that doesn't go together.

Otherwise, only a test helps.

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Thanks Andy - i get the standard functionality, of the .rsls files.

i just want to know if i have two nodes A & S, A is my NAS and S is my laptop, i have S with Selective sync on. 

I make a new video on S, and it starts to sync to A.  before the video has finshed copying across, i "remove from this device" on S.

Will resilio tell me that it has not finished transferring?  will it just remove it and i have deleted a file? 

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