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HI there,

Here's my use-case, let me know if your software does something like this?  I'm looking to replace my Google Photos. I have 500gb of photos/videos on my Windows 10 PC.  My Windows 10 PC is always on and connected to the internet.  I want to be able to view and share (links) to these photo/video files on my PC from other PCs and from my Android phone.  I already have a file sync thing set up so when I take a picture on my phone, it gets automatically sent to my PC.

What I don't want is all 500gb on my PC being sent back to my Android phone and to any other laptop/PC that I'm accessing. I don't have 500gb storage on my phone.  I'd like to be able to just view photos/videos on demand or thumbnails, much like Google Photos/Google Drive hosts it in the cloud.  I'd like to use a folder on my always-on PC as a cloud folder in much the same way..  Does the software do something like this?

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