Sync Android app wakelocking phone, causing excessive battery usage


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I've had a number of times where, if I launch Sync, it will wakelock my phone and cause it to burn through the battery. I'm on a Sony Xperia XZ2 on build 52.1.A.3.137 (Android 10) and on Sync version 2.6.4 (8773). I don't use it frequently enough on my phone to know if it happens every time I launch Sync, but I know it has been happening since I started using Sync a year ago. I have attached a screenshot from GSam battery monitor, showing the wakelock time. I have to force quit it from Settings>Apps to stop it from continuing to wakelock the phone.

Any ideas? (I do also have a request in to Sync support, so we'll see if they have any ideas)


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