Moving Sync Business 2.7.2 from old computer to new computer


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I read Help. I searched the Forum. Then I did this:

I copied c:/users/[me]/AppData/Roaming/Resilio Sync folder from my old computer to my new computer.  I noticed that folder had a Resilio Sync.exe file in that folder. Not sure why it was there but it was. In fact there was no Resilio Sync or BitTorrent Sync folder in either Program Files folder. It has been working fine. Never occurred to me to look.

I copied the only synced folder that actually resided on the old computer to the new computer with same name and path. (Everything else was on a file server and some brilliant person, probably a BitTorrent software engineer, made sure UNC was used, so I assume everything will keep going where it belongs.)

And then I stopped following directions and ran the Resilio Sync.exe file. Did I do a bad thing? Everything looks good. I got the right Identity and license, but the name of the computer was the old computer's name which will only confuse me. And I saw that I really had not installed Resilio Sync on the new computer; I had just run the executable. Which for some reason worked! Although that was the only way I could start RS.

So then I followed instructions and installed RS normally by downloading the 64-bit file. But Resilio still holds a torch for my old computer and insists my new computer is that tired old thing that needs to be put out to pasture. Everything else seems to be functioning.

How do I get Resilio to accept this new computer?

And what do I do on the old computer?  Remove the license? Disconnect the identity? I am still very fuzzy on this.

Anyone feeling merciful?


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