Per-folder CLI triggered folder rescans

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Hi all,

(Take this as a feature request should it not be possible currently.)

I have a requirement to manually (programmatically) trigger folder rescans from the CLI.  I currently have Sync on FreeBSD with many folders.  My instance of Sync runs on a bastion host and has NFS shares back to the internal network.  If the bastion host gets hacked the damage is limited to those files on the NAS.

Anyway, because these are NFS shares Sync cannot detect a file creation/update/deletion and so relies solely on periodic re-scans.

Further, some folders are large (100GB+, lots of files) but are seldom updated, while others are small with frequent updates, so I have tried to find a balance in the Sync-wide rescan interval.

I guess I have two asks: 1) per-folder re-scan intervals and 2) the ability to trigger a re-scan of a folder through the CLI (something like rslsync --folder x --rescan)

Because the NAS can be set up to act on file changes, I could get the NAS to trigger a re-scan, essentially mimicking the behaviour on local filesystems.




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