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Resilio should have a ransomware protection that recognizes a massive file change in a very short time and asks the user if recent changes should be synced or if the changes should be rolled back using the unchanged files from the archive folders. 

I think a huge amount of changes in lot of different files within a few minutes, should be quite simple to detect via the logs resilio uses. Hence the sending pc should stop syncing immediately and the recieving end should ask if those changes are actually wanted.

this would add immense value to resilio and would stop once and for all those nasty ransomware attacks.

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I was thinking about this and I can see where you're coming from. But personally, I feel like the correct protection against ransomware or other massive data protection is simply proper backups. E.g. keeping historical copies of changed files for 1 year. Having the feature in Resilio would make the software more complex, could possibly be annoying in cases of false-positives, and doesn't help any other scenario (e.g. files synced via other services). Having solid backups in place means all data and all sync services are equally protected with no additional overhead attached to each service.

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