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So after trying to fix this for days I finally managed to do this. After restarting my computer I noticed resilio sync would always restart in the rslsync user, even though I followed all the steps on the setup page.

The setup page for linux is about half of what you need to do but here is the rest...


After installing, do step 1


edit file /usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service and change "" to "". Save this file


step 2

go to the config file at "~/.config/resilio-sync" and change listen x.x.x.x to "listen" : "".


step 3

save and restart linux


hopefully that will help you like it did with me



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Using systemd is over-complicated.

I'd just write a simple script and use cron (of current user's crontab) to execute the script every 15 minutes.

The script would:

1. check a flag file to see if rslysnc for current user is enabled/disabled;

2. check if rslsync's storage is ready (e.g., the external usb drive for rslsync share is mounted);

3. check if rslsync for current user is running... if it's not, start it.

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