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Been hunting all over Resilio and web for answer to a basic Resilio Sync setup question. Using home version. 

I have a Plex movie and TV server with folders containing movies and TV shows. Wanting to have several backups of the movies and TV shows, I have several computers with large hard drives. I want to configure Resilio so that the Plex server is the master and two other computers are slaves. Any movie copied to the Plex server master should be copied to the slave computers. It should be one way. I don't want an accidental movie deletion on a slave computer to go back to the master computer. If I rename a movie on the Plex master server I want the file to be renamed (or re-copied) to the slave/backup computers. 

In adding a standard folder I have options for read only and read/write. Which should I choose for the master and which for the slave computers? Are there any special settings to make this setup work well? 

Thanks much for help!

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Share the folder as "Standard folder" on the master, use "Read-Only" key for the slaves.

Obviously, you are looking for a backup solution, while RSL is good on synchronizing data, it's quite mediocre for backing up. If you are using Linux servers, I would consider using cron+rsync instead.

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