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Recently I changed some synchronized file folder names on my laptop.  When I open Sync on my Android tablet, I see all the new folder names updated, including the "Unit IV The Mole Concept".

When I want to share a new pdf using Add to Sync, the new folder names do not display and I am unable to save into the desired folder (Unit IV The Mole Concept).


I attached the file list of the normal Sync screen showing all the files normally.  Size restrictions prevent me from showing the 2nd image. I will try to upload it in a reply.


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I discovered more information regarding my issue, and it appears to be a bug.


Because I'm synching to a mobile device, I have selective synching turned on.  If no files have been synched in a folder, the folder does not show up in the Add to Sync sharing.  This only causes an issue if I am trying to share a file from my mobile device into a folder which has no synched files.


Is is possible, then, to at lease sync folders without files when Add to Sync is being used?

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