2 OS' syncing the same folders

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Hi all,

I've got a machine that I dual boot Windows and Linux on.

The machine has an OS drive, and a separate data drive.

I've set RS up on both OS' syncing the same folders on the data drive to my NAS box.

I set the Windows machine up first and then set the Linux one.

The Linux OS sync's perfectly, but the Windows installation is telling me that the Service Files are Missing on the three folders I want to synchronize.

Is there a way to set each of the RS instantiations up to sync the data folders?



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Are you saying that you use RSL for Windows and RSL for Linux to sync the same folders?

If so, don't do this. Linux uses / for path while Wndows uses \. Most likely they need different settings.dat to find the storage path,

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I've got one machine with two drives. The first drive is for the two OS'. The second drive is the data drive.

I use the data drive with apps in each OS, occasionally the same app, KiCAD for instance. I would like to sync them back to my NAS with RSL on it independent of the OS.

Is this not possible?

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