2 OS' syncing the same folders

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Hi all,

I've got a machine that I dual boot Windows and Linux on.

The machine has an OS drive, and a separate data drive.

I've set RS up on both OS' syncing the same folders on the data drive to my NAS box.

I set the Windows machine up first and then set the Linux one.

The Linux OS sync's perfectly, but the Windows installation is telling me that the Service Files are Missing on the three folders I want to synchronize.

Is there a way to set each of the RS instantiations up to sync the data folders?



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I have a similar question - one computer - two bootable operating systems, both WIndows (7 Ultimate & 10 Home or Professional). The folders I want to sync are on a different physical drive accessible by both OSs but obviously I can't run both OSs at the same time.

Can I use the same folder with the same service files so I don't have to duplicate contents? (there's a LOT in the folders...) I presumed it'd act as if it's the same 'identity' but I need to experiment. Today I attempted without matching the ID but got the below.

I can't remember the ID of the other OS and it's currently dead. I'm trying to use a temp OS install on a bootable USB drive to just get the syncing running again as I'm heavily reliant on it and don't want to have to go through the process of reconfiguring all my various other computers and phone if I can simply 'adopt' the existing share instead - I have a lot of shares originating from this computer - some were advanced shares and some are read-only on other devices. Of course the ones that are 'standard' shares with read/write I can simply get the share key from another device.


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