Encrypted container doesn't sync

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I set up a few encrypted containers for sensitive files using Veracrypt.  Unfortunately, they don't seem to be syncing to my other devices.  I wonder if it's because the size of the actual container doesn't change even after changing the files contained therein (the container always remains 1GB).  Any ideas on a workaround?  Maybe specify sync when the file has been changed based on date?  Thx

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Do you preserve modification timestamp of file containers? (check: VeraCrypt's Settings/Preferences...)

If you do, your container files' modification timestamps won't change after you modified your containers, other software won't get notified when the content of the containers have changed, RSL (and other sync apps) won't start synchronizing the containers. You also lost track of which device has the latest change of the containers.

You should uncheck "Preserve modification timestamp of file containers" (i.e., don't preserve timestamp) for RSL to sync correctly.

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