Resilio not loading WebUI on Firefox 116.0.3 [MacOS]


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Hi there,

The Resilio Sync WebUI is no longer loading on Firefox. Just a blank page, even with multiple standard and forced refreshes. Chrome works fine on the same machine. Looking at the javascript console logs (attached, the red boxes in the FF log are to anonymize my URLs), there seems to be a race condition or something in FF? I've noticed this before, that I have to refresh a couple times on FF to get the WebUI to load - but now it just never loads.

This may be related to Venlaw's post, but since their issue resolved with a FF update, and since they're running FF on Windows and Linux and I'm on MacOS, I figured a new issue was better.

Resilio Sync:

  • v 2.7.2 (1375)
  • running in a jail on TrueNAS Core 13.0.U4 (jail is running FreeBSD v11.3-release-p6)
  • WebUI accessed thru Traefik

Firefox v116.0.3 on MacOS (most recent)

Chrome v115.0.5790.170 on MacOS (most recent)

chome js console log.jpg

firefox js console log.jpg

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