Sync Process Pins CPU and stops Responding

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Hello Everyone, 

So far, the service is running successfully on a VPS. At least until it decides to pin the CPU and stops working. Restarting the Service results in a perfectly working service again.
I've searched through Google as well as this forum but haven't found anything related.

The Setup:
everything is owned by the user `rslsync`. PID file - Storage_path and data is all located under /home/rslsync/....
Usage data under .../vault/
and Process_data and temp files .../.sync/
the Systemd-Unit is the standard unit with adjusted paths.

The binary was adjusted to run on Port 443 with `setcap` but is currently running on standard 8888.

The problem appears to start when the ssh session is closed the Process works for an arbitrary amount of time, but it is not exactly reproduceable, sometimes 2h others times 4h,

any thoughts or Ideas for troubleshooting ?

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