My syncing looks stuck with a couple of files and I can't find which one

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This has happened occasionally: once per year over the past five years. The Resilio Support helped me in the past, but they don't want this time.

A distant NAS (in another home) is synching my encrypted content. It shows 144 files remaining for many days despite offering only 1 GO of data to synch. And this, whereas I have been able to do 1.7 TO in 3 days on another folder, also encrypted and going to the same NAS.

In the past, it was always due to a single file, where a simple rename would solve it. It happened from my Android smartphone and Windows laptop, both the source of the distant NAS. But I need to figure out how to find it among the 144 files. Do you know how I can find this out? The Support team has seen the file sent that was stuck in the data source logs.

I can't find the faulty file because the list shows only a couple of files and something like: "And XX more files".

If anyone can help me to diagnose this, I will be able to solve it myself in the future.

Thank you very much in advance.

I'm using a Windows laptop on one hand and a Ubuntu server and a NAS on the other hand, each using the latest Resilio

Thank you very much for your help.

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