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Hello. I am teting out Resilio as a business solution. I have a small VFX studio.
unfortunately the speeds are dismally slow between myself in cape town south africa and my artist in croatia. from both sides we are seeing speeds between 1 and 4 mbps.
I also tested with another artist here in cape town. twe consistenly reached 10 mbps.

why might this be?

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thank you. as far as i can tell resilio is enabled to bypass firewall on my side.

do i need to check the same with the artist machine?


The pages explain the theory of direct connection. I am not very strong with this part technically. What steps can I take to make sure I can get direct connection?

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Not only you need to change your Windows' firewall settings, but you also need to look at your router configuration and make sure you have proper port forwarding enabled, or simply use UPnP if your router supports. Consult your network administrators first for any security concerns.

I believe only one of you and your party needs to do this to make the direct connections possible. You don't need to change your current listening port (rather than setting up your router to port forward to it), of course if you want a different port, you can change it to any port that's available on your system. 

I have to admit that I never changed my router/Windows/Linux/Android configurations, RSL works for me quite well by default. But you should treat RSL as a server behind your route/firewall, like a web server, openssh server, etc., if you want someone to connect to the server, either you allow the port access pass through your router, or use some proxy server (similar to RSL's relay server, which will be slower than direct connection).

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