Activate/use "Cloud station server" AND "Resilio Sync" simultaneously on my Synology Diskstation DS215J ?

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Hello everyone,

I have the following question for the experts: can I activate/use "Cloud station server" AND "Resilio Sync" simultaneously on my Synology Diskstation DS215J (DSM 6.x) FOR THE SAME FILES without causing problems?

I want to use Cloud station server for my PCs and Resilio Sync for my smartphone (the Synology app has not been working well on Android for a long time). However, both should access/synchronize the same data, NOT different data.

My concern is that the two programmes will influence/interfere with each other/cause problems/corrupt files.

What do you think?



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You can have Resilio and CloudSync or maybe also Syncthing working in parallel in the same directories if one software excludes the temporary files of the other software by the ignore patterns in the related lists. I used to run Resilio and Syncthing in parallel in my different Synology Diskstations, Windows- and Linux Computers and Smartphones in this way.

It would be good to test this in special folders.

However, a DS215j is not necessarily performant, only a few directories can be synchronized due to the overhead.

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