Pseudo "unlimited cloud" using gDRIVE or SkyDRIVE


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I have been using gDRIVE and SkyDRIVE, and then using Allway Sync to essentially sync multiple computers. The folder directory structure just needs to be the same and files need to be saved to either cloud service, which are then auto synced unidirectionally by Allway to the individual computer hard drives or NAS drive. The files can be deleted from the cloud service once distributed... it works pretty good. I was using MS-live mesh... but that is going away soon :(

The cloud is just a "pass thru"... the program combination works fine - as long as files are saved to the cloud directory on your HD, then unidirectional Allway Sync'ing keeps all computers up to date.

Let me know what you think of this solution.... but I am looking forward to a simple BitTorrent app ;)

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This looks like a complex solution to me :)

SyncApp is designed in a way, that you won't need cloud service in order to synchronize several computers. Cloud service is nice, when you need 24x7 access, but are limited in space, cost you money and you give access to your files to 3rd party companies.

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Pay for a VPS, you could find $12/Year with 20GB of storage Low End Box and use it as Cloud Storage. if you want more security and redundancy its less $/GB with Cloud Storage services like Dropbox.

where are you buying a VPS with 20gb of storage for only 12/year?

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