Sync installation breaking a network connection


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To test Sync I installed in on my local machine and I tried to install it on a remote server (running Windows server 2012) through a remote desktop connection. However right at the end of the installation the RDP connection dropped and I am now unable to reconnect to the server. Additionally other services that also run on this server have become unreachable. The machine is apparently still physically on and running but became completely unreachable over the network.

I currently do not have physical access to this server so I'll have to wait a moment to find out what happened exactly, however I was wondering the following:

- Does anyone have any idea what could have caused this?

- If not, is there anything I can do when I regain control of the server to help you find out how to prevent this from happening?

Breaking a network connection during installation on its own is already quite annoying, but for a program that needs a minimum of two locations, installation over RDP seems a natural fit, making this extra annoying.

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It shouldn't break connection, the only thing that comes to my mind, is that due to p2p nature it allocates the all network bandwidth for faster data transfer. So it immediately started synchronization using the all network bandwidth available, so there is no space left for RDP.

If this looks like a right case to you, just put limitation to Sync in preferences, so it will be limited.

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The connection broke right when SyncApp was done installing and launched for the first time, so I had not yet been able to set up any files to Sync (or get to the bandwidth limit settings for that matter), so it really shouldn't be using much bandwidth at that point. In addition the server is on a fiber connection so I really doubt the bandwidth was the issue.

My guess would be that Sync did something wrong when trying to add the windows firewall exception or when setting up uPnP, somehow blocking the other services running on the machine. Anything specific I could look for when I get access to the server again that could help you guys find the problem?

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