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  1. [cutted] Please avoid non-constructive criticism on forums. You are welcome to share what exactly is not satisfying you.
  2. i just download, and update new version and http://i.imgur.com/LpbzWmh.png white window, whats wrong?
  3. some my new issues: - single console app (or current BTSync), what accept two param secret key, and path folder destination where to download. - api dll what can be plugged into other developers app (for ex: syncapp like updater for personal software) - selective download, don't download all share or some parts of it. Or secret key for full download, and key for selective download. - message system, public/private for share. One-to-Many, One-to-One, Many-to-Many, Many-to-One. - single pear can be re-tracker. Or improvements for decentralization - qr-codes for mobile app - opportunity to share the available space on the disk. to create a secure global distributed storage. If you shared a gigabyte, then the repository to share with you part of the free space. The number of allocated gigabytes for you depends on how committed you are, divided by your uptime (and can be multiplied by the percentage of the number of stored containers you) The owner of another container will not know that it without a key. - x64 app