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  1. I too sync the DCIM folder on both my wifes and my Android phone. My wife routinely fills her phone's storage with pictures and videos. I wrote a small script (on my home server) that automatically moves files older than six months out of the synced folder into my master pictures folder. Never have to worry about overloading a phone again, and when I upgrade devices it should be a snap to put the pictures back on her phone, she'll never miss a beat! Also I have two folders, Movies and TV Shows, each about 5TB which I sync to various comps around the world. Some are full-authority some are one-way. The only issue with the set up is the initial sync, which goes much smoother over a local LAN. Hopefully once I have enough clients running it won't be as taxing to my internet connection to add a new client. I am interested in the concept of setting up zombies on friends and families computers. It could act as a sort of payment for the tech-support I provide whenever I go home.
  2. When I say TV Shows I mean "Home Videos". When I say Friends I mean "Family Members". Just thought it would be easier to explain the use-case. I agree with the selective sync feature, I have enough sub-directories that it would be rather time consuming to set up shares for each folder on all machines.
  3. I have about 3TB of TV Shows on my home server. A couple of my friends have similar home servers and would like to sync the entire folder (TV Shows). A couple other friends would like to sync only a couple select Series. It seems as if SyncApp will let me set up a sync for both TV Shows and Series X folders (Which are inside TV Shows). Will this function the way I hope and not cause issues? Or will this eventually lead to some sort of conflict?
  4. Testing restoration of files after they have been deleted and sent to .SyncTrash folder. Windows works as expected. I delete a file on Computer 1 (windows) and it moves the file to .SyncTrash on Computer 2 (windows) and Computer 3 (Mac). I then cut / paste file from .SyncTrash to original location on Computer 2 and it restores the file for all computers (New File). I then repeated the process and opened two windows and Moved deleted file from .SyncTrash to original location... it restored on all computers. I then delete the file on Computer 2 and file is moved to .SyncTrash on 1 & 3. I then use Computer 3 (mac) to restore file and get no joy. It is not recognized in file history and not synced back to Comp 1 and Comp 2. The only way I can get the file to restore is to move it to another folder outside of the sync folder file structure and then back again. Also deleted files don't enter the .SyncTrash folder on the computer they were deleted from.