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  1. Just chiming back in briefly as I posted earlier in this thread. I think the idea of pricing per "Individual" would be great meaning we can distribute as widely as we like for the annual fee. Are you able to clarify whether a Business would qualify as an "Individual" as well. Perhaps personal limited to 5 nodes, and then business has unlimited nodes at a higher rate. Great job guys and from my point of view the sooner you get proper funding (no ads) in place the better, because I'd rather pay a fee and keep it sustainable.
  2. I think pricing like $1.99pm or $20pa would be a good model. I mean a couple of bucks a month makes the decision a no brainer. I totally understand that funding is required for ongoing development and support and would much rather pay a fee than have any sort of ad-supported model. Also need to understand if this will be a per node etc as I think the whole concept of Sync encourages multiple nodes. The more the merrier!
  3. My wish list (to date) Windows Service InstallBlock level synch to save bandwidth and therefore enhance sync speedAllow sync of two folders accessible from the same computer as it would just make the tool very versatileSchedules (needed at a Global level with "per secret" overrides)Retention periods on .SyncTrash (again with a global and "per secret" override)Versioning also at a Global and Secret levelsI think with all the features and what others have mentioned this will be a valuable tool for business and personal use.
  4. Also agree there should be some kind of retention on this folder, I really like the concept and also great if a similar approach could be used for versioning files too. I like to have versions of files, but mostly after 30 days or so they become irrelevant.
  5. Just to also confirm my thoughts on sync after a few days use. I'd also like to see some kind of Mirror/Two Way sync differentiation. I like to think of this as either a Subscription, or Collaboration. With subscription, you are offering the secret to those clients that want to Subscribe to the information from the master. That means it will always be an exact duplicate (maybe with some client side filters). With collaborate it is a true two way sync with the original master, once again maybe client level filters can come into play. Then we have an excellent backup/replication tool as well as