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  1. Remote Status I'm syncing between a folder on my local disk and a folder on a remote machine. I would like to be able to get the status of the sync at the remote machine: - For each item at the top level, how many bytes exist (i.e., have been transferred) on the remote machine? -- for a subdirectory at the top level, I'd like to know how many bytes the directory tree rooted at the subdirectory occupies. - I'd like to be able to browse in my local bt-sync GUI the sync of my folder and subfolders on the remote machine so I can find out how far along the syncing has progressed. At the mome
  2. Thank you for Bit Torrent Sync. In the Unofficial FAQ, under Common Error Messages there are multiple possible reasons for an error, look at "Can't open the destination folder" where you list 3 possible things to check. Can't you identify in your code which of the reasons is causing the error and add some kind of additional text to the common error message? For example: Can't open the destination folder (no folder to sync) Can't open the destination folder (.syncID is damaged/corrupt) Can't open the destination folder (network share, use drive letter)
  3. Add my vote for a "rename" or "mv" capability.
  4. Nice app. I'd like the option to have a sync'd folder be encrypted. That is, any file or folder I copy into the shared directory would be encrypted before it is put into the directory.