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  1. @RomanZ That is what I figured. I was just hoping I was missing something were I didn't have to manually go in there and get the new files and it would just automatically download them for me. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. I am sure this question has been asked before but I couldn't find anything in my search. I am pretty sure I am not going to find a good solution to my problem but I thought I would give it a shot. I have one big folder that I am syncing with other smaller folders inside that I am selective syncing to my other computers. Is there a way that when I choose a folder to be synced in my selective sync to make it so it downloads the up-to-date files automatically? So when I change something on the owner side the selective synced folder gets the update without me having to go in and click it to download it.
  3. My wish is that I can set priority of devices I am transferring to. Example: I want to transfer the new very large file to Timmy-PC quicker than than Alicia-PC and Trisha-PC so I right click and set priority on High for Timmy-PC. So now all traffic is focused on Timmy-PC before everyone else and if Timmy signs off everything goes back to normal. What are my chances of this happening?
  4. I would love to see a window that showed the skipped files. I can see them when I open the debugging log but if I had a window were I could delete the skipped files that skipped because of errors it would help a ton.
  5. Wow, there must be a huge language barrier here. I know of one known issue that I have always had with Read-Only Secrets and that is whenever I modify something on the full access computer it doesn't update it on the Read-Only computer. It will always show so many KBs left and on the full access computer but it will show that it is fully synced on the Read-Only computer. I have mentioned this before in a prior post and found kind of a "work around" for it but not really a fix. I don't know if that is what he is talking about but that is the only issue I know of with the Read-Only Secrets. My Post:
  6. Well updating and readding the synced files kinda fixed it for me too. I had the same problem with some updated files where not syncing and it wouldn't totally allow it to sync but after I went through the log file I found that those files where listed as invalidated files and were skipped. So all I did is I turned off BTSync and went through and deleted those files off the read only computer and it %100 synced on both sides. Is there already something in works on allowing the read only computers to update files when the full access computers update? BTW, this is an awesome program! Even with these small glitches it blows all the other sync programs out of the water.
  7. I just tried to remove the folder from BTSync and then add it again on the computer that is using the read only code and it shows that he is synced right away but on my end it shows that I have to sync the entire size of the folder. It seems like the read only computer is not sending back information that it already has all of the files.
  8. Sorry forgot got to answer your last question. I restart all of the computers at once to see if that would help anything and there was no luck. :/
  9. BTW, both Full Access computers are seeing that the R/O computers needs more files to be uploaded.
  10. Thanks for the answer. Ok, I was using AeroFS before I found out it sucked. It is me and 3 other computers that are syncing. I moved all of the files out of the old AeroFS folder into new folders that don't have any of the AeroFS files in them anymore. I did this to all 4 computers running BTSync. Mine and 1 other computer has full access and the other 2 computers are R/O. The 2 computers that are R/O have always been R/O on BTSync. I just moved the existing files in when I added them with the R/O code. Hope this helps. Thanks.
  11. I am Read-Only Syncing with a computer that already had some of the files to begin with. The Computer that has the Read-Only key says it is synced but mine says there is still an amount that needs to be uploaded. Just seeing if there is some sort of fix for this out there?