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  1. I've been testing .SyncIgnore with two computers. One is "Machine A" and originally hosted the files; "Client A" is syncing with read-only privileges and option "Restore modified files to original version." I added "abc.h" to .SyncIgnore on Machine A. I deleted it from Client A. It reappeared thanks to Bittorrent Sync. Removed the restore option, deleted it and it never came back. Shouldn't it not be resync'd if it is listed in .SyncIgnoe despite the restore option enabled? Can anyone reproduce this? On another note, I saw a comment in an embedded version of BT Sync's .SyncIgnore tha
  2. Searched around the forum and haven't seen it yet, but I'd love a feature to send a single file (like on mobile devices) to a recipient. Perhaps generate a secret that corresponds to the one file, email said secret and they download it like a one time sync. I've been doing this with friends to share large files, but you have to create a directory, copy the file, and sync the directory.
  3. I'm using my linux home server with bt sync. Works great. So if I'm out and about with my laptop and my desktop is asleep, the server will sync me. I still have to use Dropbox, unfortunately because I depend on Notability on my ipad and it doesn't yet support bittorrent sync (but I'm hounding them!). To get around this, I run Dropbox on the linux server and it syncs my bt sync directory.
  4. If you're using windows, then I'd suggest something like Norton Ghost. It makes incremental backups, so if you become infected with a virus you can simply restore to a backup before the infection.
  5. I sync between Windows and linux. Btsync starts as a service using upstart and is ran as root. Therefore, all the files are owned by root and I have to chown to edit them. Perhaps an option can be set in the folder config (I think Samba does this) or it can default to the owner of the directory you're syncing to.