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  1. +1 for being able to force an .ignorelist to all folders. Should be default but optional is fine by me. Why is it made device individual in the first place isn't obvious to me ..? best Jesper
  2. Just a few things that could be very useful when working on a folder (tree) syncing with Sync All "off" option: In the folder: Somehow being able to see how large the files are on other peers It sure would be great to know the impact of a "sync to this device" Add an action on context menu to sync the complete tree. Maybe on a folder. Like "Sync all files to this device". Allow to cancel the requested files. Now you can only pause. It seems you have to wait for the sync to complete before its possible to remove from this device. best Jesper
  3. The "new" pro mode confusingly named "sync all" off is super cool. We use it to dispatch loads of media and immed remove local version to free up local space. Today we have to "trash" any new local file manually after sync is complete. While it works it sometimes ppl forget to do it. It would be very useful if there was an option to automatically remove local when sync'ed to 1 other location. best Jesper
  4. Being able to set a max CPU use on a machine. When adding new folders the CPU use can be 50-80% until indexes and first sync is finished. Limiting bandwith does not help in any way. /Jesper