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  1. BitTorrent support told me that they were aware of this issue on ARM/low-powered device and they were working on it. I upgraded to version 1.3.105 and I do not see the error on my raspberry pi/USB disk nor my Synology NAS anymore. Both device are syncing ok and there is less crashing issue on the synology lately. Not sure what version fixed the issue but it looks like it's working now. It has only been a couple of day since I upgraded so I prefer to wait a bit before confirming the issue as solved.
  2. Using Android, Mac OS X 1.3.86, ARM 1.3.86, x64 1.3.86 I want a two way synchronisation with my Android phone so that: - when I take a new picture I can access it from my macbook - when I do some clean and erase a picture from the macbook it gets erased from my phone I used to be able to do that by adding a normal sync folder to my phone and click on "auto-sync" However now, new pictures from the phones are not sync'd back to the laptop. I can't use the backup options because the only secret you allow to share is a read only one... Is this a bug or a feature?
  3. Il n'y a pas de difference entre ce que tu as ecris et ce qui est affiche. What you wrote is the same than what is displayed.
  4. I also have SyncEncryptHandler: bad shareID (STATE_BEGIN) When I start btsync on an ubuntu server with version 1.2.82
  5. Errors are now appearing on my Synology NAS SyncDb: failed to prepare query to save file info - 5...[20131126 16:13:32.831] SyncDb: failed to prepare statement to query metadata - 1802[20131126 16:13:32.832] SyncDb: failed to prepare query to save metadata - 1802Do you know what does it mean and how to avoid it ?
  6. Indeed the sync.log file grow indefinitely and contains LOTS of log. We should request for an option to make it less verbose. In the mean time I invite you to setup a cron to empty the file on a regular basis.
  7. Hi, Some feedback for Linux: - have a btsync-client which allows to see the progress on transfers because when we use the config file we have no idea of what's going on (and the logs are not helpful) - have a command to allow btsync to reload the configuration file (without having to stop/start it) Otherwise it's a good piece of software
  8. Thanks SwissTengu, Unfortunately my RPi is already deployed into another country so hard for me to migrate to cubieboard. I'll have a look later though. Would it be possible to make btsync more robust to I/O errors ? It still logs a lot of [20130815 13:19:51.025] SyncDb: failed to prepare query to save metadata - 1802 [20130815 13:19:51.027] SyncDb: failed to prepare statement to query metadata - 1802 But the data still get downloaded and written on the USB Disk. No error in dmesg or syslog though
  9. I have been using https://lastpass.com/ for while. The issue is that the data is kept on their server and we know that it is difficult to trust US data centers. I am now using 1Password ( https://agilebits.com/onepassword) with BTsync. 1Password allows you to choose where you locally store your passwords. You just need to add such folder to BitTorrent Sync. I now share my passwords between my two desktops (WinXP/Mac OS X) and my android phone securely as the data is kept only on my machines.
  10. I got many "SyncEncryptHandler: bad message length (STATE_BEGIN)" on a lubuntu desktop computer. I have the latest btsync 1.1.48 and only one folder shared. What does this error mean ? Should I worry about it ?
  11. Hi, When adding a folder on Android, even if the auto-sync is not activated all the remote folders are created on the local test system . This makes it messy and hard to find out what I have available locally. Is it just me? Would it be possible than only the folder containing sync'd data get created?
  12. I'd send an email to BitTorrent support.
  13. Hi, Your mates can use the same secret for their folders and sync everything using BitTorrent Sync. On your side you add such folder to your config as Read Only (so you won't change their data). However there are few limitations: You cannot currently specify the interface on which BitTorrent Sync listens so you will not be able to force the transfers over the VPN. BitTorrent Sync transfers are encrypted and it also support indirect connections so this not an actual problem and it should still work. It will sync everything and currently (as far as I know) only the android client support "selective sync". However if you are likely to use your files from an android device then you can do that and just select the files you want to download and it will do it from both of your mates (as long as their computers are on).