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  1. Using Android, Mac OS X 1.3.86, ARM 1.3.86, x64 1.3.86 I want a two way synchronisation with my Android phone so that: - when I take a new picture I can access it from my macbook - when I do some clean and erase a picture from the macbook it gets erased from my phone I used to be able to do that by adding a normal sync folder to my phone and click on "auto-sync" However now, new pictures from the phones are not sync'd back to the laptop. I can't use the backup options because the only secret you allow to share is a read only one... Is this a bug or a feature?
  2. Il n'y a pas de difference entre ce que tu as ecris et ce qui est affiche. What you wrote is the same than what is displayed.
  3. Hello, I think it would be good to have one global .SyncIgnore file we could put in the .sync folder instead of having to copy it across all the share folders each time we modify it. Cheers, Franck