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  1. Ah, cool. Although I think having a single file that follows git's syntax is more powerful than having two separate files. If you have two files (SyncIgnore and SyncInclude) you have to hard-code a precedence as one entire file must be processed before the other. That's why git does it all in one file.
  2. Hi team, I'd like to be alerted when this version becomes stable and is featured on the home page. How can I get an alert? Perhaps you'll send an email to the mailing list?
  3. Hi team, On a device with the read-only key of a folder, I'd like to add a .SyncIgnore that will ignore all files *except* ones that I specifically whitelist. For example: // Ignore everything: * // Except the following folders: !data !files This would allow each read-only client to specify the files that they want to receive. Each client should be able to control independently which files they want to ignore and which they want to receive. This is similar to how git works, see the man page for .gitignore ( Thanks for all your hard work.
  4. It's really easy to click the little '-' button accidentally in the BitTorrent Sync interface which immediately deletes the shared folder. How can I recover the keys that I used for that folder? I have distributed the read-only key but not the read-write key, so I don't have a copy of it. Feature request: confirmation dialog before deleting a folder from Sync.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, I have changed the title as I agree that could be misleading. We are not endorsed by BitTorrent Inc. at all. Yes, I'm aware of the plan to build an API. Our app is not a wrapper for BitTorrent Sync, it runs completely separately and thus I feel that the text on the website is accurate. A user could potentially use Dropbox, Google Drive, etc, we just feel that BitTorrent Sync is the most open and easy solution, which is why we've provided explicit instructions on how to integrate with it. Yes, I am aware that Sync is still in alpha. That's why Vole is marked as "developer preview only".
  6. Vole is like Google+ or Twitter, but there is no server, all the stuff you share is transmitted to others using Bittorrent Sync. Vole runs in your web browser and looks just like any other web app, but instead of connecting over the internet to a central server, it connects to a server running on your local machine. When you create a post, Vole saves it as a text file in a folder on your hard drive. People who follow you have their own copy of your posts folder and it's synchronized instantly using Bittorrent Sync. Since they have read-only keys, they can't write back to your folder or interfere in any way with your data. The posts from all the people you follow form a stream of information that is updated live in your browser. The key technology is the Go programming language. The Vole backend compiles statically to a single binary, with no dependencies at all. No Ruby On Rails, PHP, Python, Java, etc. The binary itself is highly efficient and can run with minimal resources in the background. We can easily compile to any operating system supported by Go, and the current build is available compiled for Linux, Mac and Windows. The frontend is built using modern HTML5 standards (Ember.js Javascript framework). For more information, see our homepage: And to start using it right away, see our Github repository: *** This is a developer preview only. There are many steps that have to be performed manually due to the lack of a Bittorrent Sync API, and we don't make any promises about stability until 1.0.0 lands *** We are looking for feedback from the team at Bittorrent and from all early adopters. Our work is all open-source, so please take a look. - Mark
  7. * A way to exclude certain files from being downloaded. Let's say you have a read-only key to a folder, which you want to keep up to date, but you want to exclude several large files from being saved. You can't delete them on the source, so perhaps just placing a zero-size file or having an ignore list that prevents them from downloading?
  8. Hi team, thanks for the hard work. As some of the other commenters have mentioned, we'd love to be able to manage the adding/removing of folders and the aspects of key generation that go along with it, particularly returning both the read-only and read/write key for a folder. One thing I think others haven't mentioned is that we'd like to switch off 'File downloaded' notifications for folders we create, and the user might not want notifications off for all their folders, so the ability to do this on a per-folder basis would be good.