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  1. Adding a new sync on device A creates a new folder in the default folder of device B. Request: ask user of device B where the new folder should be created, and allow sync to non-empty folder (as is possible in BTSync 1.x). The latter is probably the most common case for people migrating from btsync 1 or from other services... [i know this is on the radar, but I think this is important enough to deserve its own thread].
  2. @ RomanZ Is 1.4.99 supposed to have addressed this? So far I'm not seeing a difference, but don't want to reset all my syncs until it's worth it... Thanks!
  3. Thanks Roman -- I wasn't sure if this was due to host server configuration problems or to BTSync itself. Can you provide an ETA for the support of xattr by encrypted nodes?
  4. A follow-up on xattrs. They have been supported for some time now; but are they synced to encrypted nodes as well?
  5. So, with OS X Mavericks on the near horizon and its implementation of tags (, xattr support is likely to become essential for a much wider section of current and potential BTSync users...
  6. I created a set of rules to manage the size of the .SyncTrash folders. It really is a bit of a hack, but seems to work (please please test on dummy folder yourself before you trust this). It uses Hazel and thus is a Mac-only solution, but could be reproduced with a script on other platforms. Get read-only access using R635ATSVHLPUENHGKIJBW7ZNOF42AGEFK I'll try to update the files with improvements as time permits. Contents: Hazel ( rules to automatically delete files contained in ./.SyncTrash folder created by BTSync after a user-specified period. This is a temporary,
  7. Another request for supporting xattr (in the way dropbox does, given they too sync across platforms...).
  8. Happy to test on iOS (iPhone & iPad) + I have 3 other Macs to create a beautiful syncing mess.