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  1. Adding a new sync on device A creates a new folder in the default folder of device B. Request: ask user of device B where the new folder should be created, and allow sync to non-empty folder (as is possible in BTSync 1.x). The latter is probably the most common case for people migrating from btsync 1 or from other services... [i know this is on the radar, but I think this is important enough to deserve its own thread].
  2. @ RomanZ Is 1.4.99 supposed to have addressed this? So far I'm not seeing a difference, but don't want to reset all my syncs until it's worth it... Thanks!
  3. Thanks Roman -- I wasn't sure if this was due to host server configuration problems or to BTSync itself. Can you provide an ETA for the support of xattr by encrypted nodes?
  4. A follow-up on xattrs. They have been supported for some time now; but are they synced to encrypted nodes as well?
  5. So, with OS X Mavericks on the near horizon and its implementation of tags (, xattr support is likely to become essential for a much wider section of current and potential BTSync users...
  6. I created a set of rules to manage the size of the .SyncTrash folders. It really is a bit of a hack, but seems to work (please please test on dummy folder yourself before you trust this). It uses Hazel and thus is a Mac-only solution, but could be reproduced with a script on other platforms. Get read-only access using R635ATSVHLPUENHGKIJBW7ZNOF42AGEFK I'll try to update the files with improvements as time permits. Contents: Hazel ( rules to automatically delete files contained in ./.SyncTrash folder created by BTSync after a user-specified period. This is a temporary, Mac-specific hack while we wait for a built-in solution; currently, deleted files would otherwise stay on disk forever or until manually deleted. This can be done using cron jobs, etc. Hazel is just easier. What these rules do: - watch BT SyncTrash folders - compress each file (zip) one day after it was moved to .SyncTrash - delete zipped files after 30 days - delete empty folders - apply all the above recursively to nested folders How to set up these rules in Hazel: - show hidden files & folders in Finder (made easier if you use TotalFinder or PathFinder) - add every .SyncTrash/ folder you have, i.e. one per root folder synced by BTSync - import the hazel rules. - feel free to tweak dates, etc. Hope this helps.
  7. Another request for supporting xattr (in the way dropbox does, given they too sync across platforms...).
  8. Happy to test on iOS (iPhone & iPad) + I have 3 other Macs to create a beautiful syncing mess.