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  1. Ok that is correct. I was expecting Save Video to save to Video. Thanks!
  2. I synced an mp4 to my ipad ios7.1.1. When I touch on it I see the options: "Message","Mail","Open in Dropbox", then at the bottom of the list "Save Video" and "Quick Look". The video plays in the Quick Look, so I know it isn't corrupt. When I touch on "Save Video", it doesn't seem to do anything. If I go to my Videos app, I would expect that it shows up somewhere, probably in Home Videos. Right?
  3. I was able to get this working much easier using nssm. Install BTSync Configure your shared folders Make sure you uncheck the "Start btsync when windows starts" option in the preferences. Download nssm, as an admin run "nssm install BTSync" Put in the path to the BTSync.exe Open windows service manager and tell it to run BTSync as the user you just used to install. Make sure BTSync isn't already running, then start the service.