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  1. I don't know. I only use the Windows client and it's under the global advanced settings. Linux probably some conf file.
  2. Set folder_rescan_interval longer. By default it's 10 minutes.
  3. The more recent versions of Mac OS count GB differently than Windows. Windows counts GB in base 2 (really GiB) and labels it as GB. Mac OS now counts GB in base 10 and labels them correctly. So basically Mac OS counts GB more like how storage manufactures sell it to you (why advertised is usually way more than what your computer says it is), not how computers think of it.
  4. Awesome. This program is really great other than that issue.
  5. Hi. I installed BTSync a few weeks ago but just noticed this issue. Why is the SyncID file constantly accessed? Like every second!? It's a tiny little file, why can't it be held in RAM? I first installed this on computers with SSDs so I didn't notice the issue, but now that it's syncing to a computer with a hard drive the hard drive is constantly being accessed. It keeps making access noises and can not go to sleep! This is a deal-breaker. I thought I had finally found a replacement for the good old Windows Live Sync but this one issue is really killing the program. I see no reason why one fil