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  1. ---------- I followed these directions for my 1tb EZ media and Backup center, however, I cannot seem to access the device via ip:8888 . It simply says server not found. I have made sure to open the ports in the firewall, and confirmed that the change is live because I also opened the web ports for connecting outside the network and can confirm that address works. Any ideas? The command line seemed like it did everything as instructed, the only difference i had was the address of the diagnostics page being slightly shorter. Otherwise, I'm a little stumped. The drive is still working perfect, so no harm.. but I would love to get this really running
  2. If anyone else sees this, a great explanation of how to install sync on it is found here
  3. Haha, thank you. I didn't see it listed on that first page, and for whatever reason I didn't realize there were more pages (facepalm). Thank you.
  4. http://www.rakuten.com/prod/iomega-35538-ez-media-backup-center-1tb-nas-network-hard-drive/240501516.html So, a 1tb nas on sale for 60 bux, I'd love to use this for BTsync, but can anyone confirm that it will work? Thanks in advance, and if it can I hope the deal helps others