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  1. Hi, I love BTsync, and use it very heavily. However I noticed some bugs over the time, the most important is: With the setup: Sync-Folder (R/W) on linux computer, synced to a Sync-Folder (R/W) on Android. Every time 1 delete a file on the computer, the file does not vanish on Android, but it's size is suddenly 0 bytes. I have to delete the 0 byte files and then it really disapears from the sync folder.The 0 byte problem also happend once, when I didn't actually delete the files, but just a few weeks after I had synced it to multiple devices. All synced deviced just had 0 byte files. Luckily I could restore the files from the .Archive folder. Missing Features: When I have a readonly folder in Android, and download a file, then I cannot delete it anymore in BTsync. I have to delete it in the filemanagerWhen I have a R/W folder in Android, and download a file, then there is currently no method to delete the local copy, but preserve the file in the folder. Otherwise is BTSync awesome! I love it and even with these bugs I can't live without it anymore! Best
  2. A Bittorrent Sync Version for Firefox OS (available in the Mozilla App Store) would be great!!! Then my next phone will be Firefox OS.
  3. Yes, a simple texteditor would be great! That way a shopping list can be edited and synced across all devices!
  4. The updated Android app does not seem to connect to the other updated BTSync versions on the desktop (linux and windows). It just shows: 0 devices online (for every synced folder) The linux & windows version show that the Android version is online, however nothing syncs to/from the Adnroid device. PS: I had to completely delete the BTSync configuration on android. Then rescall all the QR Codes. Now it works
  5. I use sync for: Managing the media content on my Cell Phone (my cell phone media folder is a backup of folder on my computer) Backup ALL my data on a second computer continiously Use it as Dropbox replacement Wishes to make it even better.: Better error handeling (files security needs to be improved) Versioning Sym-Links
  6. It works generally very good. However I have 1 major problem: My external harddrive spins down after a while. There are about 600 files in the indexed folder on my external harddrive. After a while (and spindown harddrive) BTSync shows that there are 300 files. Then 200. Then 100. Then 10. And when my harddrive spins again it does NOT reindex the files! It's like BTSync completely ignores the files it forgot during spindown. New files it however indexes immediately. I have to delete the shared folder in BTSync and recreate it to reindex it completely. Please, do you have a solution (I use Version 1.1.70)? PS: A shutdown button in the web-interface would be nice.
  7. Feature Request: It would be very nice if it would be possible to sync 2 folders on the same PC. That way BT Sync would also simplifying backups on 1 PC!
  8. The Android App works great. However I'm missing a function: "Remove file from local device". That could be done best with a long tab on a file. It should not delete the file, but jus remove it from the cell phone. Additionally I'm missing in the Android app: filemanager functions like: Remove, rename, move, copy, share, etc. Additionally it would be nice to see beside each file, when it was last synced. Additionally, show the available space on the sdcard, so you don't download too much by accident. Additionally mark the folders (with a green checkmark) when they are locally safed. And show a progress bar on folders during the download process. The Pause-Option for syncing doesn't work... it is still downloading. Otherwise great work!!! It's 10 times as fast and fluid as dropbox! PS: The fuuuutre versions, it would be also greally great if it would have streaming option: Example: Stream video from the PC to the cellphone. But that has no priority. The Linux Web Version It would be nice to see if the device has full access, or only a read-only access. PS: Really AWESOME WORK GUYS!!!