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  1. I would also like to have a file selection. I don't want to sync all the files in all the connected folders. Greatmarko suggected a " .SyncInclude" file as opposite of the .Syncexclude. Would be great I think I read someone who suggested to have only one file with all the exclude/include inside. I also back this. Someone a few pages ago suggested a virtual directory. REdge
  2. Hi, I don't know if this should go to the wish list or if I can already have something like what I want using the ignore list and some scripting. So : Me and a bunch of my friends have a c:\media folder where we store all our “holiday” movies. I would like to be able to see/search all the files in my friend media folders and start the synchronization for one specific file. Is this already possible or do I have to wait the .SyncInclude functionality. Regards, Redge