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  1. they were different.I try to set them the same but now it wont even connect
  2. I have all discovery options enabled.Even predefined host using the ip..I did not modify the ports on the router as the laptop which was on the same network was syncing ok with the desktop out of the network without having changed anything in the router.. i have upnp enabled
  3. I have set up bittorrentsync succesfully thanks to help from this forum..I have a problem though. NAS will sync succesfully with laptop in the same LAN. Laptop in the same LAN will sync succesfully with desktop OUT out of LAN. NAS will NOT sync with desktop out of LAN...(i used the ip method it connects but will not download anything) I have tried almost anything but cannot figure this out. The fact that the laptop will sync with desktop out of lan means that all the ports on router etc are ok right?what else could be the problem? UPDATE if i put the ip of the desktop pc in the nas settin
  4. thank you! I had a look in the folders but i couldnt have guest it was hidden there! Managed to share the folder , connects and sync ok with a laptop in my network but wont sync with a pc outside of the network..It downloads nothing.Even used the ip method. The laptop in my neywork connects with the pc out of the network fine..I wonder what is the problem..
  5. i managed to install it following the info on this post , thank you. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to share files out of funplug folder? Btsync will not display Volume1 folder , only the folders in funplug...
  6. so sharing files out of th ffp folder is out of the question? My only optiion is to fix pernissions and copy all my files there?
  7. I successfully installed btsync on dlink dns320 but it seems that it only allows me to share folders inside the ffp(funplug) folder. All my files are of course out of this folder .Is there a way to change that?It seems i cant even copy them into the ffp folder as it says i dont have permission...i could try to copy with ssh but it would be much easier if could just share any folder in the NAS..