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  1. Landscape capability on a tablet. I'm using a Sony Tablet S and i often have it docked on my desk. I now have a crick in my neck from tilting it to the left (because the portait mode is orentated that way).
  2. Syncernet - Disconnected Nodes with intermedeate connections traversing firewalls by Sneakernet My firewall at work is managed by a corporate group overseas. The chances of me successfully getting them to open a port for me to sync with Nodes outside the internal network are nil! But I have devices that travel between home and work; my phone and my tablet (I rarely bring my work laptop home). A folder synced from my work laptop to my phone and tablet will sync when I am at work (perhaps containing a simple encrypted password vault like (KeePass2). When I leave work and go home, my "sneakernet" connection starts to kick in as soon as I pull up in the driveway of my home. In very short order the same password sync folder is synced on all my devices at home (and then gets backed up via a seperate process). So the two networks are effectively connected by a Sneakernet based sync courier (me) physically traveling between the two locations. It is conceivable that these two networks are in two different countries, like China and Australia, thereby bypassing any kind of Great Firewall that would otherwise interfere and thereby seeding the disconnected network of sync nodes. Syncernet
  3. Media Sharing in an Unsnoopable Mesh Of Trust At the current time there are multiple ways for various "powers that be" to track what is downloaded through torrents. All they have to do is add the torrent themselves and track the IPs (blocklists notwithstanding). This alternative could potentially result in the file sharing activity being unsnoopable/untrackable: Node A lives in a media sharing benign jurisdiction (define that however you want). Node A sets up a share folder showx_sync. Nodes B, C & D live in a media sharing draconian states (TPP signatories for instance) and are close personal trusted peers of Node A so node B, C & D have the read only key for Node A's showx_sync. Node A uses conventional bittorrenting to download the latest just aired episode of "showx" into the showx_sync folder. It automagically appears in the sync folders of B, C & D. Even if Node A resided in a media sharing draconian state, if they are the person recording the show themselves this could still work. Node B, C & D also have three different close personal trusted peers and share the showx_sync folder each of them with differnt NEW READ ONLY KEYS; Node B with Node E, F& G; Node C with H, I & J; Node D with K, L & M. When Node A adds the latest episode to showx_sync it flows to B, C & D and from them to E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L & M. E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L & M have no knowledge of A. They only know of the single upstream node. E,F,G,H,I,J,K,L & M may have one or more close personal trusted peers of their own and provided they follow the "resync with new read only key" methodology they will only ever see their own close personal trusted peers in their downstream syc logs. Anybody new or untrusted appears they can change the key and read them the riot act before resharing the key. It becomes interesting when Node M is also a close personal trusted peer of Node A. Then we have a mesh (of sorts). An unsnoopable mesh of trust.
  4. Torrents added during the day are ready when we get home I have a folder synced on my phone (mike_torrents_sync). That same folder is on my main laptop at home and my transmission client is set to automatically add torrents from that folder. So when I need to download something for use at home that night (like the latest release of an ISO), I download the torrent file into that folder and it is automagically downloaded at home no VPN/Remote Access required. (downloads at work are crap, I'd talk to the sysadmin about it but, ahh that's me) For extra credits: If that item happened to be a media file it would be synced over to the Plex server where it is indexed (every 15 minutes) and available to watch/listen over my Plexpass connection from whatever device, wherever I am. In fact you could probably spin up a virtual machine in a media sharing benign jurisdiction with this sort of setup and then btsync the downloaded media back to your home base, wherever that was. Safely.
  5. Kinda Slick Password Management. I've been using KeePass for a numer of years but always had to manually update the password vault on the various devices (Windows, Linux, Android, backup). Now I have set a a directory (kee_sync) on all of the relevant devices and included the encrypted password vault and also a text file containing the key. I also copied the key into a contact in my google contacts called kee_sync so I can copy and paste out of it into btsync on the various android devices. NOTE: I am not worried about the key to this one folder being in plain text because the pasword vault itself is encrypted. So at this point I have achieved seemless sync of my password vault across all my devices. Big deliverable there. Now that the pasword vault sync is in place, I add new secrets to an entry in the password vault so now I can copy and paste it into btsync on any of the devices that have the password vault. Saves me from myopic typing of keys. An additional benefit is that KeePass2 can merge files if I forget and somehow update the vault on different devices. It does this by detecting that the vault has changed (upon a save attempt) and prompts asking if you want to merge or otherwise. Kinda slick! For extra credits: I have this directory on my primary home machine included in a JungleDisk backup that automagically backs up to Amazon S3 with serious versioning back forever on this particular directory.
  6. When I try this it just goes to the file view. Long press, short press, tiny touch point, full fingertip. Makes no difference.
  7. Similar issue here for one of my sync folders (others seem fine) so I'm interested in the outcome. My situation. Several nodes involved: 1. Main desktop - Ubuntu 12.04 2. Main phone - Android 4.2.2 3. Main tablet - Android 4.2.2 4. Utility PC - Windows 7 Originally had an issue with a 12MB file and sync not finishing to node 3 & 4 seemingly just to that file. It has been persistant for the last few days since the original sync was established.